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Karafs s mobile app

Project Overview:
The Karafs mobile app is a sports and fitness app that allows users to track their progress, set goals, and connect with other fitness enthusiasts. As a digital product designer, my role in this project was to design the sports page and shop of the app, which would provide users with access to a variety of sports-related products and services.

Karafs appKarafs appKarafs app

Design Process:

Research: To begin, I conducted extensive research on the target audience, as well as the sports and fitness industry as a whole. This included analyzing competitor apps, conducting user interviews, and gathering feedback from focus groups.

Conceptualization: Using the research insights, I began conceptualizing the design for the sports page and shop. This included creating wireframes and user flow diagrams to map out the user experience.

Prototyping: Next, I created interactive prototypes to test the design concepts with users. This helped me to identify any usability issues and gather feedback on the overall design.

Iteration: Based on the feedback from the prototypes, I made iterative changes to the design, continuing to test and refine the user experience until it met the needs of the target audience.

Visual Design: Finally, I created the visual design for the sports page and shop, including the layout, typography, and color palette.

Karafs appKarafs appKarafs appKarafs app


The final design for the sports page and shop provided a seamless and intuitive user experience for the users.

karafs app - case study
Karafs appKarafs appKarafs appKarafs app

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