A comprehensive redesign of the web app for parental control

safes web - parental control

Project Overview:
Safes is a parental control app that helps parents to protect their children online. The app offers a variety of features, including:

  • Content filtering: Safes blocks access to harmful content, such as pornography, violence, and hate speech.
  • Screen time limits: Safes allows parents to set limits on how much time their children can spend online.
  • Location tracking: Safes allows parents to track their children's location.

The challenge
Parental control is a complex and challenging field. Parents need to be able to protect their children from harmful content and activities online, but they also need to be respectful of their children's privacy and autonomy.

My role
Research, analysis, product design, design systems, user-testing

3 Month

The team
Solo designer, 2 Product managers and 6+ Engineers.

safes web app

Safes decided to redesign its web app for a number of reasons. First, the original app was designed in a rush and was not as user-friendly as it could be. Second, the app was not responsive, meaning that it did not look good or work well on mobile devices. Third, the app did not meet the latest security standards.

The redesign of the web app addressed all of these concerns. The new app is user-friendly, responsive, and secure. It also includes a number of new features that make it more powerful and useful for parents.

safes web app

User Research
Due to time and resource constraints, a full user research was not conducted for this project. However, the knowledge of the company's managers about the needs of the target users was used. Managers had contact with the target users and understood their needs. In addition, short interviews were conducted with users and surveys were sent out.

safes web app

The redesign of the Safes web app included a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Customizable filtering: Parents can now create custom filters to block specific content or websites.
  • Easy child addition and selection: Parents can now easily add and select children from their account.
  • Detailed notifications: Parents receive detailed notifications about their children's online activity.
  • Improved security: The app now uses the latest security standards to protect children's data. These features and improvements make Safes a more powerful and effective parental control app
safes featuresafes feature safes feature

The icons for the Safes app were designed to be simple, clear, and concise. They are easily understood by parents and children alike.

safes web app

To optimize the design for mobile and tablet devices, the following techniques were used:

  • Use of responsive design: This means that the user interface of the app automatically adapts to the screen size of the device.
  • Use of adjustable visual elements: This means that the elements of the user interface can be adapted to the screen size of the device.
  • Use of adjustable content: This means that the content of the app can be adapted to the screen size of the device.
safes feature safes feature safes featuresafes feature

Creation of a design system

The design system for the Safes app is a collection of visual elements, templates, and design rules that are used to create a cohesive and consistent user experience.

safes feature

The design system for the Safes app includes the following:

  • Visual elements: This includes items such as colors, fonts, and icons.
  • Templates: This includes how content and user interface elements are organized.
  • Design rules: This includes guidelines for using visual elements and templates.
safes web app


In conclusion, the redesign of the Safes web app was a successful project that helped to improve the user experience and security of the app. This project gave me the opportunity to improve my design and development skills and gain valuable experience in the field of app design.

Some of the experiences and lessons I learned from this project include:

  • The importance of considering user needs in app design
  • The importance of using modern and visually appealing design principles
  • The importance of testing and user feedback to improve the user experience
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