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Project Overview:
The Shero app is a women's health and wellness platform that aims to provide support and resources for women's physical and emotional well-being. One area of focus for the app is providing information and resources for PMS, mood, and other symptoms related to women's health. In an effort to improve the user experience, the Shero team decided to create a new icon pack specifically designed to represent the various symptoms and topics related to PMS, mood, and women's health.

pms symptoms - icons sketch

Design Process:

Research: To begin the design process, the team conducted research to understand the target audience and their needs. They surveyed current users of the Shero app to gather feedback on the existing iconography and to identify areas for improvement. They also looked at the design of other health and wellness apps in the industry to understand design trends and best practices.

Conceptualization: After gathering research, the team began conceptualizing and sketching out different icon designs. They considered different styles and colors that would be appropriate for the topic of women's health, as well as the specific symptoms and topics related to PMS, mood, and women's health. The team created wireframes for the icon designs to ensure that they were visually consistent with the overall look and feel of the Shero app.

Design: The final designs of the icons were simple, colorful and easy to understand. The team used colors that are associated with emotions and women's health. The icons were designed to be easily recognizable and memorable, with a consistent style and visual language. The team payed attention to maintain the balance between the colors and shapes to make the icons look more attractive.

Testing: After finalizing the designs, the team conducted user testing to gather feedback on the icons. They asked current users of the Shero app to test the icons and provide feedback on their usability and effectiveness in representing the various symptoms and topics related to PMS, mood, and women's health. Based on the feedback, the team made adjustments to the icon designs to improve their effectiveness.

Results: After implementing the new icon pack, the Shero team saw an increase in user engagement and satisfaction with the app. Users reported that the new icons were more visually appealing and made it easier to find the information they were looking for. Additionally, the team also observed that the new icons helped users to understand the app better and increased the app's retention rate.

pms symptoms - icons sketch

The new icon pack designed for the Shero app was a success in improving the user experience and engagement. By conducting research, user testing, and making design choices based on the specific needs of the target audience, the team was able to create a set of icons that effectively represented the various symptoms and topics related to PMS, mood, and women's health. The process of creating these icons helped the team to understand that good design is not just about making something look pretty but also about solving problems and communicating ideas effectively.

pms symptoms - icons sketch

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